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Carbon steel pipe nipple 

Carbon steel pipe nipple is a new type of pipe connection components, suitable for oil, gas and general corrosive medium in the pipeline system, the working pressure of 16 to 40 pma. The structure of the carbon steel pipe nipple is mainly composed of joint with 24 ゜ conical hole, with a sharp blade inside card sets, compaction effect of nut. Screw nut, card sets into 24 ゜ cone hole, and then the deformation, the card sets of a cut into the steel tube and form annular groove cutting edge, thus play a role of sealing 


Carbon steel pipe nipple 

Due to the card sets of elastic, so can withstand larger impact, have the effect of locking. 


Carbon steel pipe nipple has the following advantages: 

1, simple structure, reliable sealing performance, easy to use, fine workmanship, beautiful appearance and lighter. 

2, don't need to add gasket, without welding performance is good, save material, repeatedly. 

3, due to the card sleeve joint welding, thereby reducing the pipeline impurities will affect the performance of the system. Therefore, carbon steel pipe nipple is increasingly widely used in oil, gas, as the medium of hydraulic pneumatic equipment in the pipeline, especially for the day there is a risk of combustion, the work high above the frequent occasions and. 

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