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Future steel pipe socket industry trends

Recently, the tap lead exceed the standard event again raise a Babel of criticism of public bathroom plumbing industry chaos of exposure. Bathroom market in the low-end consumption, in order to pursue the maximum profit, at the expense of the industry reputation of high lead copper material, eventually hurt the entire industry, but also hinder its own development. At the same time, the United States, the European Union, Japan and other developed economy has legislation, the amount of lead in drinking water system, pipe fittings, toys, household appliances, such as products made strictly limited, the lack of domestic laws and regulations, hindering the process of faucets low lead. "

However, any industry crisis event can be businessmen looking for business opportunities. Lead-free is undoubtedly the development of future steel pipe socket industry requirements, leading are just one part of the water supply system, without the use of lead-free pipeline, be equal to is take temporary solution not effect a permanent cure.

It is understood, lead-free copper material widely used in medical equipment, it communication components, cable TV parts, electrical and electronic connectors, connectors, screw, water purification equipment parts, valves, hardware, clothing, zippers and other industries.

Thirty years of reform and opening up, China's economy is increasingly integrated into the world economy system. First, the Multi-National Corporation to enter China, so that Chinese enterprises in the competition with foreign enterprises to learn the concept and methods of modern enterprise management, and wolves in the dance gradually grow and grow. Then our pioneer enterprises gradually began with a global perspective to examine and their enterprises, from in get real competitiveness, sustained development goals: let China become the world, integration into the global economy.

Do not seek a global shortage for a domain, and will seek temporary shortage". Economic globalization is the trend, any enterprise can not evade, only the initiative to integrate to seek better development.

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