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Galvanized steel pipe socket preservation 


The galvanized steel pipe socket is mainly used for fire water piping system, living water supply pipe has banned the use of galvanized pipe, so its corrosion easily ignored by people. According to the construction acceptance specifications prescribed in article 3.3.15 6 points and 4.1.3, threaded pipe installed redundant hemp yarn should be clean and do the anti-corrosion treatment, set of thread is damaged when the galvanized surface and exposed screw part should do the anti-corrosion treatment. If there is a pipeline design on the regulation of anticorrosive paint, according to the rules of the design: if the design does not mention, suggest at least two brush anti-rust primer, paint two way. Brush paint technology, too, should strictly according to operating instructions. 

In practical engineering, the leakage flax cleanup and anti-corrosive treatment is a small but much and vexed work, often not taken seriously. At present most projects are not to do according to the requirements of specification. For fire control pipe brush paint, only one red paint is brushed on the galvanized pipe acceptance, fall off after the gears are sparkling. Therefore, in construction management section should strengthen quality consciousness. 

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