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Galvanized steel pipe sockets

In order to remove the repair of pipe steel equipment, in addition in the piping installation union is essential; Root, compose of the mother, also called the root collar, lock nut, with a short for thread at one end, on the other side for filament no tip degrees (roots) of the short section and a root, add a wall to harness the pipe hoop of the filament, its action with the union, used as a detachable connection, when used in radiator fills the heart, harness pipe hoop also saves; About flange, two pieces of a pay, with the union. Specifications for caliber d50mm above, due to the large size valves at both ends for flange interface, so the flange is used for pipe and valve connection. 

Joint fittings also called pipe fittings, fittings, joint parts, etc. Various kinds of pipe system pipe fittings with different joint connected, form the pipe steel. 


1. The malleable cast iron, malleable iron pipe fittings made of malleable cast iron is connected to the pipe with thread (thread). Working pressure within 0.1 Mpa. The characteristic of its appearance is end with a thick edge. 


2. Steel and malleable iron pipe steel pipe with threaded connection, if the working pressure is higher (but within 1.6 Mpa), steel pipe fittings can be used. Steel pipe fittings made from carbon steel, commonly known as wrought iron pipe fittings. It can weld performance is good, can be used for welding are needed, such as steel pipe hoop steel equipment such as often as in the boiler or water tank. 


3. Water supply cast iron pipe fittings made of grey cast iron casting processing, feed water cast iron pipe socket type and flange disc, its utility is similar to malleable cast pipe, basically have the following types: cross tube, pipe tee, including three bearing the cross tube, three cross tube, four socket cross tube, four sets cross tube, double bearing t-tube, double disk t-tube, three bearing t-tube, three plate t-tube, double bearing single plate of t-tube, ChanCheng double disk t-tube); 45 ° 90 ° bend, bend; Fork tubes; B words tube; Fire hydrant pipe; The casing, and so on. 


4. Cast iron drainage pipe fittings are mainly bending tube socket 45 °, 90 ° elbow, y-shaped tee, 90 °, 90 ° T tee is TY tee, oblique cross, cross, TY reducing tee, four-way, pipe diameter hoop, T bottle tee, 45 ° elbow, Y reducing tee, socket cleaning mouth, s-shaped trap, P deposit not bend, floor drain and other varieties. Note: all kinds of different joint fittings recoverable materials, at present, the plastic joint pipe has been widely used, because is only material is different, there is no longer here 

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