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Steel pipe socket installation process 



Steel pipe socket installation process, can be layered or single set of hydrostatic test. All pipe work pressure and test pressure. Respectively is: low area work pressure is 0.4 Mpa, test pressure is 0.6 Mpa, high work area and the central pressure to 0.6 Mpa, test pressure of 0.9 Mpa. The overall check again in the pipeline system after the installation, check the installed pipes, valves, gaskets, fasteners, etc., all comply with the design and technical specifications defined, the unfavorable and pipeline pressure test with fittings removed, replaced with temporary short tube, all make for the blockade, and water, from the lowest height deflated. For pressure testing qualified pipe purging work, until clean dirt, and make the purging cleaning and test on-site, documentaries, etc. 


Steel pipe socket test pressure for the system working pressure of 1.5 times, but shall not be greater than the allowable pressure pipes. Test should be slow to infuse water, seal check. Should be done after filled with the appropriate pressure booster to gently with hand pump test pressure, voltage regulator 1 h, the pressure drop is less than 0.05 Mpa, and then dropped to 1.15 times the working pressure regulator, 2 hours, the appearance inspection, leak-proof pressure drop is not less than 0.03 Mpa is qualified. 

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