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The application of steel pipe sockets in daily life is very broad, although the steel pipe "small head" but its role is not to be ignored in the modern construction industry a lot of places will be applied to the joints, steel pipe sockets is the connection between the steel pipe and play an important role in the use of accessories.
Now with the various construction sites have sprung up, all kinds of construction projects carried out under the ground, steel joints using rate is getting higher and higher, joint production is very busy. In the construction industry, all kinds of joints can be used to carry out the construction of external scaffolding. They can be repeatedly disassembled, repeated use, very convenient. Quality is also very light.
In underground engineering, steel pipe sockets must have a very reliable sealing performance and must have a very high compressive capacity, the pipeline transport of gas or other material once the pressure increases, the joints if the quality is not qualified and loose, it is very dangerous.
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