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Carbon steel pipe nipple processing required two process

carbon steel pipe nipple we just as its name implies is steel pipe in the cohesion of the important components, can be very good to two steel pipes converge in daily life is more common, such as plumbing pipes, heating pipes, water pipes, etc.

carbon steel pipe nipple in these steel cohesion plays a very important role, so the quality of pipe joints is very good.
Let’s have a look at the carbon steel pipe nipple processing should reach what requirements?
Steel pipe joints if you want to meet the quality requirements, must meet two requirements, one aspect of which is at the time of production, production using better materials, as we all know, the quality of a product, is often the production material and it has a great relationship.
carbon steel pipe nipple and some manufacturers produced, will fall in the production of materials above their entire product, so this product when in use, can not achieve it in terms of performance, some users in the use of time, often there will be sliding filament phenomenon, but also because it is the production of materials insufficient.
In addition to the production of materials, another point, is also the manufacturer at the time of production, but also need to have enough production process requirements
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