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What is a T.O.E pipe nipple?

When it comes to plumbing and piping, a nipple is a fitting that is a short piece of pipe. A nipple is usually provided with a male pipe thread (MPT) connection at each end of the fitting, which are used to make a watertight seal when connecting piping to threaded fittings, valves or equipment. Pipe nipples are in lengths up to 12”, lengths over 12” are referred to as ready cut pipe the thread specifications are identical however the tolerance on the length is less stringent on ready cut pipe.pipe nipple

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T.O.E stands for threaded one end. This style of nipple is typically used as legs for oil tanks. T.O.E nipples are sometimes confused with weld nipples but true weld nipples have a beveled end finish that is required specifically for butt weld connections.