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What is a steel pipe socket and welding pipe couplings ?

if you don’t have the patience or know what you’re doing. That’s why knowing how to form a socket weld is super-important.

Our main products include steel pipe nipples,steel pipe sockets (black or galvanized, seamless or welded), stainless steel pipe fittings, malleable iron pipe fittings (union type, elbows, reducers, bushings, couplings, caps, nuts, hose nipples and so on) and butt-welded pipe fittings. We are also specialized in pipe cutting, bending, threading and end finishing, according to customers’ needs.

What is a socket weld? A socket weld refers to the weld that joins specific pipe fittings like reducers, tees, and elbows with pipes. The pipe is permanently joined to the recessed region of the joint with a socket weld. The pipe fittings connected by this method are called socket weld pipe fittings.Socket weld pipe coupling fittings are referred to as SW pipe fittings. Therefore, SW couplings, SW tees, SW elbows, and other such parts come under the rubric of SW pipe fittings.

Socket weld pipe fittings
Socket weld fittings are used for connecting pipes. A pipe is inserted into the recessed part of the flange, valve or fitting.



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